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Brooks Infinity 2 or Adidas Supernova Sequence ?

May 24, 2018

It’s been a while since I bought a pair of running shoes so I was looking forward to seeing what was new for overpronators. As I’ve been happy with a hefty pair of Brooks motion control shoes for some time now, their latest models were top of my list to try out.

When I last bough a pair of running shoes it was a simple case of the fitter looking at my feet then watching me run down the street to see which shoe would be the best choice. Video gait analysis wasn’t around then, but I made sure I found a store that offered it this time that so I could be sure I was buying the right shoes. Since ideas around shoe design have changed quite a bit I was hoping that I’d be OK with less motion control and a less bulky guidance shoe. Since I’ve given up on orthotics and tried strengthening instead, maybe the gait analysis would show all that hard work had paid off!

After a quick look at my feet and old shoes the fitter said a full on, motion control shoe was probably unnecessary and suggested trying a pair of Brooks Infinity 2.
Brooks Infiniti 2
The Infinity 2 seemed a pretty good fit, even though I have narrow feet and the fitter said that Brooks aren’t an especially narrow shoe. The upward curve was a bit weird at first as I could feel it across the top of my foot. Running on the treadmill they felt good, much lighter and with more sensation than my old Brooks. The cushioning was about right too. When we looked at the gait analysis video the fitter thought my left foot had practically no pronation while my right foot wasn’t too bad and that the Infinti 2 was correcting it OK. He felt that a shoe with more any control would cause my left leg to be pushed out of line. When he said my running style was quite efficient it made my day! Maybe all that effort on strengthening really has paid off.

Next shoe we tried was the Adidas Supernova Sequence as this suited a narrow foot and had a bit less control. They felt snug as soon as I put them on and quite firm under the arch, which was strange at first. On the treadmill they felt light and comfortable but with less cushioning than the Infintiy 2.
Adidas Supernova Sequence
with the Supernova Sequence I felt more in touch with the gound, probably due to less cushioning, which was nice after my old, bulky shoes. Looking at the gait analysis suggested they were fine and probably suited my left leg more as there was less control.

I aslo tried both shoes outside for a couple of short dashes but didn’t notice anything new. Deciding which pair to take was difficult as they both felt good. I liked the closer fit of the Supernova’s and have always thought that extra width gives the foot more room to pronate, especially when tired. I also liked the extra feeling of contact with the ground from the Supernova’s although I wondered if less cushioning might get tiring after a while. In the end I went for the Supernovas’s which had the added benefit of being cheaper. Now I have to see if I made the right choice.

2 responses to “Brooks Infinity 2 or Adidas Supernova Sequence ?”

  1. romney says:

    I have similar feet and ultimately went with the Supernovas for the same reason – a few quid! Time will tell if it makes much difference.

  2. beginrunning says:

    @romney – so far they’ve been great and they’re even cheaper now!