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Are cheap running shoes as good as expensive ones

May 24, 2018

Don’t buy cheap running shoes – get the best shoes you can afford. This is one of the most often heard pieces of advice, the idea being that expensive shoes will be better engineered, better fitting, better manufactured and more effective at preventing injury. A recent study compared cheap running shoes with some of the […]

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Where to run

May 24, 2018

If your just beginning to run then it’s worth spending some time choosing a training route. It’s important to find somewhere safe, in an area you feel comfortable. As a beginner balance and mobility are often restricted and this should be taken into account when choosing a location. Running technique and concentration suffer when tired, […]

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Easy start running plan – Run for 30 minutes in just 10 weeks

April 30, 2019

This is the running plan I used after giving up smoking. Although it looks easy I found that I was getting breathless quite quickly. The trick is to start slowly, stick to the plan and keep at it. If you have a break don’t give up, just go back a stage or two and you’ll […]

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