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Runners itch relief

August 28, 2019

It may be embarrassing, but how many runners haven’t suffered from a touch of monkey butt now and again? Even if you managed to escape that then you’ve probably endured the irritation of running induced chaffing or sweat rash.

As these are quite “personal” afflictions I was a bit surprised to get an email asking me to review a product aimed relieving them called (wait for it) Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Seemed like a great idea until I realised I’d have to come clean and own up to having encountered these problems on the odd, sweaty occasion. And they weren’t even offering to pay me for this revelation. So now the secrets out perhaps I should try and think of this as a runners badge of honor rather than an embarrassment.

I was bit skeptical about Anti Monkey Butt Powder since whenever I’ve suffered with heat type rashes before, especially in hot weather or tropical countries, I’ve generally used ant-fungal powders or gone for the “nuke it” option using hydrocortisone and anti fungal creams. For me, this seems to work on any heat rash, anywhere, at any time. Especially useful if the symptoms have become challenging! The drawback is the powders smell horrendous and hydrocortisone shouldn’t be used too often. The benefit of anti monkey butt powder is it’s based on calamine so is lighter and more natural, the reason I expected it to be less effective.

Anti Monkey Butt PowderThe blurb on the pack says that it’s better to sprinkle it on “areas prone to tenderness before activities begin”. Unfortunately this would mean that I couldn’t see how effective it was at dealing with the symptoms. Fortunately the temperature hit 32 degrees (89 F) last week and other activities coincided with a sweaty 40 min run give me the ideal opportunity to try it out! The bottom line is I got about 5 1/2 hours relief from moderate symptoms, really quite impressive as that’s all I’d expect from the heavier duty options. Since the powder is based on calamine it’s not affected by temperature like hydrocortisone so will be good for traveling in hot / humid climates. It doesn’t have that pharmaceutical smell you get with anti-fungal powders either, just a light fragrance that’s quite unobtrusive.

The next test will be a few days summer walking. I’ve got a rucksack that starts to niggle after 3 days in warm weather and it’ll be interesting to see how it works with longer term sweatiness and friction.

Item: Anti Monkey Butt Powder
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: BeginRunning
Date: July 17, 2009
Summary: “Effective at relieving symtoms and quite long lasting. Unobtrusive perfume”
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2 responses to “Runners itch relief”

  1. Chad says:

    Lol. Good post. I think everyone suffers from that every now and again.
    I am currently training for the Best of the Boardrooms Virtual 5K on August 1st. I have been wearing some new compression shorts under my regular shorts to wick away the sweat. Use to have that problem occasionally but now I haven’t had it in about 2 years. That could work for you.

  2. beginrunning says:

    @Chad – I’ve seen those compression shorts but hadn’t thought of them solving that problem. Looks like they may even help support a middle age runner’s struggle with time and gravity. I’ll give them a try – thanks